One of the questions we get most often when new families move into the area is: 

"What is there to do in Valdosta, GA?"

Valdosta is a small town, but sometimes it's the finer things in life that come from living in a place like this. Entertainment isn't what you'd get in a city like Atlanta, but Valdosta offers things to do without the crazy traffic and huge crowds. We'll do our best to share some of those options as we experience them ourselves, or hear about them from others! 

Last Friday night, we went with 2 other couples to Jac's Lanes, one of the local bowling alleys. It's been a local favorite for 32 years! I remember going there as a kid for birthday parties and the 90's classic: Cosmic Bowling. It was a blast then, and it's a blast now! Jac's Lanes is family owned and operated, and offers 26 lanes for your bowling pleasure. Bowling for all ages is available, and they even have bumpers for the little kids! If you're a more serious bowler, they also have different leagues you can be a part of. Here are just a few pictures from our Friday night trip. 


Visit Jac's Lanes for some good, old fashioned competition! It's a great time!