There are few things I like more than food! Aaanddd, more than that, I like a little taste of a lot of things. Sort of like an appetizer sampler, all the time. So, I look forward to the Taste of Downtown Valdosta every year! The event kicks off Restaurant Week, and features a little sampling from participating restaurants in order to entice you to choose their offerings later in the week.

In the past, we were given a map and got to stroll the downtown sidewalks making our way to each restaurant, tasting their eats, then moving on to the next. This year, the plan was different. We paid our way ($20 per person) and received a wristband at the lobby of The Patterson.


Inside their event space, tables from each restaurant lined the outside walls of the room, and, in the middle, round tables were set up for a place to sit once you picked up the food. A band, Naturally Southern, also played some classics creating a fun atmosphere. 


We tasted a variety of delicious food from Steel Magnolias, Birdie's Market, Covington's, Jessie's, The Bleu Cafe and Bleu Pub. Here is a little peek at our plates:



My top 3 delicious appetizers are....{DRUUMMRROOLLL}:

 1. The Bacon Pimento Cheese Biscuit -- Covington's

                *I am telling you, this little piece of heaven was delicious. It sounds so simple, but it was oh so good! The biscuit was warm and buttery, the bacon was flavorful and, well...BACON, and the pimento cheese just sent it straight to the top of my list! 

 2. The Pulled Pork and Pimento Cheese Wonton -- Steel Magnolias

               *These are a classic favorite for me. I can't go to Steel Magnolias without ordering these! I just can't. The crispy fried wonton, stuffed with just the right amount of pulled pork and "slaw", then topped with a delicious sauce that offers just the right amount of kick. I'm telling you, if you live in Valdosta and you haven't tried these, you are missing out! Make plans to get to Steel Magnolias and partake. You'll thank me!

 3. The Gouda Cheese and Bacon Slider -- Bleu Pub

               *This slider was just what I needed with the rest of the options in the room. The Gouda cheese was such a nice change-up, the bacon was, well....BACON, and the burger was cooked so well. Served on a sweet roll with the perfect little amount of GREEN lettuce...I'm a stickler for green lettuce. Just don't serve it if it isn't green..., it really was what a slider should be.

We had so much fun enjoying this event with Austin and Ashley! With the festivities being inside, it was nice to be cool. Normally, we're pouring sweat while strolling the downtown streets, but not this time. We did miss just being outside, though. I guess it's just a catch 22. We will definitely make plans to attend next year, and hope you will, too! 


We got the chance to hit up Birdie's for lunch with some sweet clients turned friends on Wednesday, and loved their Italian lunch feature. Sooo good! There are still 2 days left of Restaurant Week 2017! Grab some friends and enjoy!