Hey Y'all!

According to my sources...It's National Investors Day! I thought this would be a good day to discuss just a few reasons why investing in real estate is a good idea, AND to give you a few properties that might be good to invest in!

So, first of all, a few reasons why investing in real estate is a good idea:

  1. Interest Rates are Low

         It's still the case that interest rates are VERY low. This makes the return so much better,                making the investment more profitable in the short term and the long term! 

  2. Real Estate Prices are Still Low

         In our market, real estate prices are still low. We have pockets of neighborhoods that are                stabilizing, and new construction is still in the highest range. However, overall, pricing in                 our market is still low, making investments a good option.

  3. Foreclosures are Still Coming

          We have seen another wave of foreclosures in the last couple of months. Our Free                          Foreclosure List was long this month, and packed full of properties that would be great                     investments. When foreclosures hit the market, this also effects the values of the                                properties around them, more than likely, keeping pricing low.

   4. Real Estate is a Good Long Term Investment

           Coming out the market crash, it is difficult to remember when the real estate market was                ever good. However, if you look back 30 years, pricing has increased. The value of real                    estate increases, providing you with an investment that will be worth more in the                             future than it is today! Is this not the purpose of investing??!

It's time to take advantage of a market that is prime for investing before interest rates increase and prices do, too!

Here are a few properties you might consider investing in:

2932 Callaway Circle, Valdosta, GA

Current List Price: $70,000

Previous Rent: $750


4223 Hamilton Circle, Valdosta, GA

Current List Price: $59,900

Rent Potential: $795


1300 Lakeview Drive, Valdosta, GA

Current List Price: $108,000

Rent Potential: $995


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