If you’re considering putting your home up FOR SALE BY OWNER, here’s a list of some important Service Providers Sellers Should Consider Using!

12 Service Providers Sellers Should Consider Using   


1. Attorney (Real Estate Specialist)

 2. Appraiser (Real Estate)

 3. Home Inspector (Building Inspector)

 4. Mortgage Loan Officer (to check buyer’s qualifications)

 5. Tax Advisor

 6. Lead Paint Inspector

 7. Well-Septic-Sanitary Systems Expert      

 8. Survey Company

 9. Termite/Pest Control Company

 10. Insurance Consultant

 11. Moving Company


If you need help or recommendations on any of the above service providers, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to help! Especially number 12!

  List Provided Courtesy of Real Estate Training Insittute, Inc.